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"With Clean Origin, Three Industry Veterans Bet On Lab-Grown Diamonds Sold Online As The Future Of Jewelry"

Clean Origin is what happens when three deeply-embedded jewelry industry executives put their heads together to create a business aimed at the future of the jewelry market—Millennials and GenZ customers.

Clean Origin sells the jewelry Millennials and GenZs want–lab-grown diamonds—the way they want to buy them—online—and at lower prices—more bling for the buck.

"Tete-a-tete On The Future of Lab-Grown Diamonds with Clean Origin"

In a recent interview with ground-breaking Lab-grown diamond company, Clean Origin, we spoke with CEO, Alexander Weindling, about the impact of Lab-created diamonds and where he believes the industry is headed.

"These lab-grown diamonds are physically identical to natural ones — but about 30% cheaper, eco-friendly, and conflict-free"

Whether you're proposing to your partner, looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your spouse, or treating yourself to a seriously special, well, treat, at some point in your life, you're probably going to buy a diamond. And as a diamond is one of the physically smallest, yet highest-priced items you can buy, the purchase isn't to be made carelessly.

"Growth Spurt: The Man-Made Market Is Having a Moment"

“The industry should be glad that it’s me and Terry in this and not some yahoo with a sledgehammer,” says Weindling of his site. “We live in this house. We are not here to burn it down. But the mined industry needs to make room for us on the couch. If we stop the fighting and let the consumers do what they want, then we all can win.”

"Clean Origin Lab-Grown Diamonds: A More Affordable, Ethical Alternative to Mined Diamonds"

Even the most minimal among us appreciate the artistry behind a piece of fine jewelry; it’s expressive and personal. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but every piece has a story, and it’s incredibly important to me that my pieces are made by well-paid artisans and of ethically sourced materials. So, that pretty much means I stay away from diamonds entirely.

"Lab-grown diamonds will survive Big Diamond’s attempt to kill them, startup says"

“It’s not going to work,” lab-grown diamond startup Clean Origin founder Alex Weindling told Yahoo Finance on YFi PM. “The smaller diamonds, the very little ones… that are on the side of the ring… yeah, those have come down and I think they’ve hit marginal cost. But to grow a beautiful, bright diamond like that is not that simple.”

"Why Buying Lab Grown Diamonds Is the ONLY Way to Ensure Ethical Sourcing"

Since then, I’ve learned that this lack of transparency isn’t just with that one brand. This is the risk we take whenever we buy “ethically-sourced” diamonds from any company. The unfortunate truth is that even if these brands try really hard to be as transparent as possible in the origin of their diamonds, they still have to blindly trust someone, somewhere along the way. There’s just no way to truly know. And when transparency is the biggest selling point for conscious diamond buyers like you, this is a real problem.

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