Cut Grading for Fancy Shape Diamonds

Why aren't fancy shaped diamonds given Cut Grades?

Unlike traditional round brilliant diamonds, fancy shaped diamonds like ovals, pears, and emeralds do not currently have an established grading system for cut quality. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and other independent gem labs issue reports that include measurements and assessments of a fancy shape diamond’s polish, symmetry, and other factors. However, there is yet to be a universally accepted mathematical model for ideal proportions and facet arrangements as there is for round diamonds.

This makes evaluating the cut quality of fancy shapes more nuanced and qualitative. The lack of a formal cut grade is due to the complexity and variability of fancy shape outlines and faceting patterns. Standards for angles, depth percentages, table sizes, etc., can vary based on the unique optics of different fancy shapes. Labs do not assign numbered cut grades since no single set of ideal parameters exists.

Instead, they comment on factors like craftsmanship, finish, and appearance. Ultimately, choosing a fancy shaped diamond requires balancing data-driven analysis with the individual aesthetics of each stone. While no cut grade is given, working with an expert can help identify diamonds with excellent craftsmanship optimized for beauty, brilliance, and longevity. The goal is still choosing a diamond with maximum sparkle, light performance, and visual appeal—even without a graded system. If you need assistance selecting the perfect fancy-shaped diamond to suit your needs, schedule a virtual appointment with a diamond expert today.

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