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White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are a mixture of pure gold, silver, palladium, and nickel. This combination gives them a stunning silver finish.

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How to Clean White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are very durable. However, maintaining the proper cleaning regimen will keep white gold looking gorgeous for much longer.

Clean white gold engagement rings using gentle tools and washes every two weeks.

Use a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush to buff out built-up dirt gently along the band and around the stones. Accompany this with warm water and mild dish soap (or any other gentle cleaning solution).

While it is vital to care for your own engagement ring, you may want to consider going to a jewelry expert for a professional cleaning 1 to 2 times a year. The result will ensure your white gold jewelry piece, and the lab created diamond within, shine for years to come.

How to Take Care of White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are the perfect jewelry option for daily wear. Their durability easily lends them to withstanding scratches and minor dings. However, to keep your white gold ring looking better longer, be aware of the activities you do with your hands.

Avoid harsh chemicals when wearing your white gold engagement ring. This includes cleaning products and chlorine. Even some chemicals found in tap water can weaken the structure of your white gold piece. So, avoid swimming or showering while wearing your white gold jewelry.

For specific concerns contact a jewelry expert. They can help you feel confident wearing your beloved white gold engagement ring.

How Much Are White Gold Engagement Rings?

At Clean Origin, our lab created diamond ring selection ranges in cost. We guide you to choose your own engagement ring setting, metal, diamond shape, style, and more.

Our engagement ring styles range from solitaire to halo to vintage. We offer many diamond shapes including (but not limited to) oval, emerald, and round diamonds. We also offer sapphire accented rings and pink diamonds.

Find single diamond and multi-stone rings starting around $330 when you browse our 14k and 18k white gold engagement rings here. To shop similar items search our entire Clean Origin Engagement Rings catalog.

White Gold vs. Platinum Engagement Rings

When it's time to search for a ring metal shop with your lifestyle in mind. Account for your daily surroundings, your job, and how often you work with your hands. If it's often, white gold and platinum are perfect engagement ring metal options.

Comparably, white gold and platinum engagement rings are harder than those made with yellow gold metal. They employ high scratch resistance, and each is a fitting choice for daily wear.

While platinum is already a white metal, white gold is an alloy. Alloys achieve their color from a mixture of other metals. Generally, white gold is a mixture of pure gold, silver, palladium, and nickel.

Pair any stone shape with the classic shine of white gold to complete your dream engagement ring. The possibilities can range from an emerald shape to a classic round diamond with a pristine white gold band surrounding it.

Find a bridal set in our catalog of both white gold and platinum engagement rings.

Is 10K White Gold Good for Engagement Rings?

10k white gold engagement rings contain the least amount of gold, making it mostly alloy. The alloy to gold ratio is more likely to trigger metal allergies.

At Clean Origin, we recommend looking for a 14k and 18k white gold engagement ring. On top of their gorgeous look and longer-lasting appearance, these metals are less likely to trigger metal allergies from alloys.

14k White Gold vs. 18k White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is an alloy metal made of pure gold, silver, nickel, and palladium. 14k white gold engagement rings contain less gold than 18k white gold rings.

Generally, 14k white gold engagement rings cost less than their 18k alternative. Aspects outside of the band metal will contribute to the final cost of your engagement ring. The diamond size, stone shape, setting, and style will be key contributors to ending expenses.

Contact a Clean Origin jewelry consultant or find a store near you for more information.

How to Style White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are durable, making them able to withstand daily wear. Like their durable function, white gold jewelry can accent anyone's individual style. The white metal shines against dark clothing and offers a glistening finish to bright clothing.

Another option is to stack your engagement ring with other bands. Whether you have a bridal set, or simply want to shop the sleek style, stacking is a modern way to wear your engagement ring. While there is no max number of rings to stack, two to four is a good baseline depending on the thickness of your rings.

Additionally, do not limit yourself to only stacking one type of metal on top of your engagement ring. Mix it up with platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold rings.

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