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Lab Grown Side Stone Engagement Rings

With complimentary gems around your center stone, a side stone engagement ring adds class, dimension, and brilliance to your ideal ring style.

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What Are Side Stones?

Side stones are smaller gemstones that flank a central, larger stone—you can think of them as essentially any other stone that surrounds your main diamond or gem. This not only adds shape to your ring and enhances your main stone for greater radiance. 

You can pick from different settings styles—such as prong, pavé, or channel settings—to complete your perfectly designed gemstone structure. First, find a central stone that speaks to you and that you want to be highlighted; then, browse unique and alluring side stones that draw the eye and tastefully enhance the center stone.

What Diamond Shapes Look Best With Side Stones?

While you can use whatever type of stone shape that you want, round diamonds are one of the best shape options out there. Round diamonds are some of the most brilliant stones, to begin with, and that brilliance is only magnified with accent side stones. You can also safely use other fancy-cut diamond stones (such as pear or emerald shapes) and still have a proportionate and visually-pleasing ring.

You can select stones that either match your central ring or that offer a bit of contrast, which is another reason why a perfectly round diamond is a great versatile option. It will go with almost any style of side stones that draws your attention!

Settings For Side Stone Engagement Ring

Yellow gold bands featuring emerald-shaped diamonds as the side stone are a popular option for side stone rings. If you are looking for something other than a brilliant-cut diamond, consider a princess cut, marquise cut, or oval cut.

In terms of metals, rose gold and platinum are great options, as they are both quite durable and will highlight your diamonds beautifully.

What Are the Sides of an Engagement Ring Called?

The shoulder of the ring is what you would call the sides of an engagement ring, which is where side stones are placed. The sides of the mount lead up to the head of the ring and are the perfect place to incorporate some extra gems if you really want to build out that surface.

How Big Should Side Stones Be?

There is some flexibility when it comes to size, especially depending on how many side stones you have. For the classic option of two side stones at either side of your ring, it’s recommended that each side stone is one-third the size of your center stone. Some people will even go as big as 50% of their center stone when adding diamonds on the side of engagement rings.

It’s all about balance and proportions; you don’t want your side stones to overshadow or draw attention from your primary stone, but you also don’t want your side stones to be so small that they fail to create a cohesive set of gems. This may also vary depending on the size, shape, and style of your center stone and other ring factors, such as your band or shoulder size. Big and bold main diamond? You don’t need your side stones competing with that. Smaller diamond in the middle? Then you can use side stones to draw more attention to your main stone and add some radiance to the overall ring.

What Is the Difference Between Carat Weight and Carat Total Weight (CTW)?

For a traditional ring with just a single diamond in the middle, you measure it using carat weight. In other words, the carat weight is the weight of the center diamond alone. A ring that is “1CW” is likely a single-stone ring with a 1-carat diamond.

If your ring has additional gems to it, like side stones, like engagement rings with side diamonds, then it’s going to have a greater carat weight. The combined weight of all of the diamonds on your ring is measured and called the carat total weight.

Why does this matter to you? Both measurements are used to determine the price of your ring. The center diamond is the star of your ring and will account for a large portion of the price point, but any extra gems or diamonds are going to add both brilliance and weight to your ring, which has added value and cost.

Tips For Buying Side Stone Engagement Ring

When it's time to propose to that special someone, there are some key things to keep in mind.

When looking for that perfect side stone engagement ring, take prior notice of your loved one's ring size and preferred setting. Knowing your partner's preferred setting will provide you with a sense of direction for your search.

It's also essential to think about the size of diamonds you would like to feature, as they have an impact on the overall look of an engagement ring.

Clean Origin Side Stone Engagement Rings

Side stone engagement rings are beautiful. Clean Origin has a wide selection of side stone engagement ring that feature metals such as rose gold and white gold. Our ethically sourced diamonds offer sparkle and shine that will surely make your loved one's heart melt.

Our virtual consultants are happy to make your search for a side stone engagement ring easier. Whether you have questions about which loose diamond to choose or style, schedule a virtual appointment. If you prefer to meet in person, visit one of our store locations near you!

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