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Ready-to-Ship Engagement Rings

If you're ready to propose our ready-to-ship engagement rings provide a quick, elegant, and beautiful solution to all of your engagement ring needs.


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What is a Ready-to-Ship Engagement Ring?

A ready-to-ship engagement ring is an engagement ring that is already pre-made and available for immediate purchase by a customer. Because it is pre-made, a ready-to-ship (or quick-ship) engagement ring is not able to be customized or altered. So for folks, who are short on time and know exactly what they are looking for, a ready-to-ship engagement ring can be a smart and economical choice.

And browsing for a ready-to-ship engagement ring does not mean that you'll be out of choices. Often, ready-to-ship rings can range in styles from three-stone to solitaire to halo and more in addition to a wide range of diamond shapes, or gemstone types.

Ultimately, if you find yourself with the perfect proposal but no engagement ring, a ready-to-ship engagement ring can provide all of the glitz and glamour of a custom engagement ring in your hands as soon as possible.

What is the Difference Between a Quick Ship Engagement Ring and a Custom Engagement Ring?

In general, customization and delivery timeline are the two factors that distinguish a custom engagement ring from a ready-to-ship engagement ring. Custom engagement rings are made to order and can be customized in a number of ways. They are created using your personal preferences, so you can choose everything from the metal to the stones and work personally with the jeweler to ensure that the engagement ring is exactly what you want.

Of course, completely customizing a ring takes a lot of time and that's where a ready-to-ship engagement ring comes in. Quick-ship engagement rings are incredibly convenient to customers who want a beautiful engagement ring without the added wait time and cost of customizations.

What Diamond Styles Can Quick-Ship Engagement Rings Come In?

At Clean Origin, you can find a quick-ship engagement ring in every type of diamond style, from round-brilliant to emerald, to a princess-cut diamond, and more.

To see our stunning selection of conflict-free diamonds available for quick ship, simply navigate to our Diamonds page and select the box titled, "Quick Ship" underneath our Clarity slider. All of the diamonds that are eligible for a quick-ship engagement ring will then be displayed.

Additionally, consider a colored diamond instead of colorless diamonds for your ready-to-ship ring. Clean Origin offers both blue and pink diamond ready-to-ship rings that offer a bold pop of color, perfect as a symbol and sign of your love.

What Precious Metals are Available for Ready-to-Ship Rings?

Clean Origin offers ready-to-ship rings in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. When you're choosing a precious metal for your engagement ring, there are a lot of factors to consider. You'll want to weigh your budget against what kind of lifestyle you have and what makes sense for you.

We recommend that you start with your budget. How much can you spend? Once you've figured out how much money you have to spend, think about how often you plan on wearing your ring. Will it be every day, or only on special occasions? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine if rose, white, or yellow-gold is best suited not only for your ring but for your lifestyle as well!

Why Would Someone Buy a Quick Ship Engagement Ring?

Many people choose to buy a quick-ship engagement ring over a customized engagement ring for a variety of reasons but most usually it is one of the following three.

  1. Quick-ship and ready-to-ship rings are available for purchase and shipping immediately. If someone is on a time crunch for finding an engagement ring, like if they want to propose on a vacation that was hastily booked and doesn't have time to customize a ring.
  2. A ready-to-ship engagement ring is also usually more affordable than customized engagement rings. This is because it takes less time to create a ready-to-ship ring and, depending on the materials, fewer materials.
  3. Often, a ready-to-ship engagement ring is available with a conflict-free lab created diamond. This is an attractive solution for couples looking for an ethical diamond instead of gemstones, as mined diamonds can harm the environment. Plus, can add to the affordability of a quick-ship engagement ring. On average, couples can afford 20-40% more lab created diamonds than naturally mined diamonds!
What Is the Average Lead Time for an Engagement Ring?

After you pay for your engagement ring, on average it will take about three to four weeks from ordering to shipping to make sure that it is exactly what you ordered. If you are designing a custom engagement ring, the lead time will be much longer thanks to the collaboration with the jeweler. And, if you are choosing to go with one of Clean Origin's Quick-Ship rings, your engagement ring will be sent to you 5 days after placing your order.

Can I Customize a Ready-to-Ship Engagement Ring?

A ready-to-ship ring is unable to be customized as the engagement ring is sold as is. That is, the size, style, and type of diamond have already been included in the design of the ring.

That doesn't mean that you can customize your ready-to-ship ring after receiving it, however! If you are looking to add a special touch to your engagement ring, why not find an engraver to write a sweet message on the inside of the band? Of course, this may not work if you are in a time crunch so remember to plan accordingly when choosing to customize.

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