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Dainty Engagement Rings

Dainty engagement rings are very popular for those looking for engagement ring with a classic style and timeless design. There are many different ways to go when choosing the perfect dainty ring for your love. Choose from our catalog of high quality dainty engagement rings and different metals to find the perfect diamond engagement ring to suit your delicate tastes.

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What is Considered a Dainty Ring?

A dainty engagement ring is a smaller sized engagement ring. Note that we didn't say simple. Some dainty rings have clean bands with maybe just a hint of sparkle, while others may have a very intricate design.

Most dainty engagement rings have a delicate band ranging between 1.5-2mm in width. They may be a plain high polished band or have small diamonds affixed to the band.

A dainty diamond engagement ring doesn't sit up high. They're likely to be low-profile. A bezel setting is very popular for a dainty yet unique engagement ring choice. Other popular dainty engagement ring settings are infinity settings, braided bands, and flush settings.

Is It Okay to Have a Small Engagement Ring?

Yes, it's more than okay to have a small engagement ring. There's nothing wrong with buying smaller rings. In fact, many people prefer dainty rings to big and flashy engagement rings. Despite what a lot of people think, bigger is not always better than diamonds. One reason is that all the other diamond grades have to go up, too, when you increase carat weight. Otherwise, you may have an unattractive yet larger stone.

It's easier to have a gorgeous diamond in smaller rings. Instead of focusing on carat weight, you can focus on getting better cut quality, clarity, and color grades for your diamond. Or, you could spend more of your budget on a dainty yet intricate piece of fine jewelry.

Even if having a small diamond size isn't exactly what you wanted, there's nothing saying you can upgrade to a bigger diamond engagement ring later. But for now, you might consider choosing a diamond shape that appears larger than another of the same carat weight.

Round diamonds may have the ultimate sparkle, but they come at the price of smaller carat sizes. An emerald cut diamond or an oval cut diamond is cut more shallowly, and the rest of the carat weight is distributed in its length. The result is a bigger diamond, even though they're both 1 carat diamonds. Even choosing a princess cut diamond over a round diamond engagement ring can make a small difference in diamond size.

How Thin Should an Engagement Ring Be?

The average engagement ring width ranges between 2-4mm. When wanting a particularly thin band on your diamond engagement ring, you should make sure you don't go below 1.5. If you're known for having larger fingers or being rougher on your hands, a thinner band can be vulnerable to breaking at the bottom.

You don't have to have a 1.5mm wide band to have a dainty engagement ring. There are many options that fit the dainty look without needing a super thin band.

What's the Best Metal for a Dainty Engagement Ring?

The best jewelry metals for dainty engagement rings are going to either be gold or platinum. Sterling silver isn't recommended for engagement ring metals due to the upkeep. Both gold and platinum require minimal upkeep and can look great for years and years.

White gold is the most popular jewelry metal for engagement rings and wedding bands. But if you're looking for both a dainty and unique engagement ring, a yellow gold or rose gold band adds a bit of flair to your timeless design.

Both 14K and 18k gold are suitable for rings with a dainty band. Technically, a 14K gold ring would be a little bit more durable since it has less gold and more alloy metals.

If you really want to strengthen your dainty engagement ring, you can opt for a platinum ring setting. Platinum engagement rings are heavier and stronger than engagement rings made of gold. You'll find most platinum dainty rings are going to be more expensive than the same ring crafted in gold.

Between platinum and gold, choosing the right metal for a dainty engagement ring comes down to comfort and personal preference. Every metal will need some sort of maintenance over time, but some require more than others.

What is a "Peekaboo" Engagement Ring?

A "peekaboo" engagement ring refers to a type of engagement ring that has a small diamond or diamonds under the head of your engagement ring. This type of engagement ring can also be called hidden accents. Instead of a single round diamond, there are some engagement rings whose hidden accent stones go all the way around while still being underneath the diamond. You may know these as hidden halo engagement rings.

Not all hidden accents or peekaboo engagement rings are considered dainty. Engagement rings with a larger stone can still have hidden accents.

How Durable Are Dainty Engagement Rings?

The problem with the term "dainty" is that many people consider the words "fragile" and "breakable" as interchangeable terms. In the case of dainty engagement rings, the word means more along the lines as petite or modest.

No matter how big or small the diamonds are in your engagement ring or other fine jewelry, all diamonds have the same durability. They make perfect stones for everyday wear. Having a dainty engagement ring setting isn't going to affect the diamonds any.

The durability of your ring setting mainly has to do with what metals it was crafted with and how well you take care of it. This means not only while you wear it but how you clean and store it too.

Having a delicate band on your engagement ring can work in your favor. A diamond engagement ring with a larger carat stone in the center is more likely to be bumped on things throughout the day. The more often a diamond is bumped, the more prongs start to wear down and require retipping.

If you've chosen a smaller diamond carat for your dainty engagement ring, it's less likely to stick out and become damaged. However, you should still check your prongs regularly because, eventually, they will need to be re-tipped.

How to Clean Dainty Engagement Rings

It's important to handle your dainty engagement ring with care when cleaning. Make sure to be cleaning your engagement ring with a mixture of mild soap and water solution. Use a soft bristled brush (like a sensitive toothbrush) to gently brush away dirt. You may have to poke the bristles through if your ring has a closed basket or any grooves where dirt can hide.

Dainty engagement rings usually have delicate bands with very small diamonds lined in them. Tiny diamonds are held in place by tiny prongs or tiny beads of metal. Make sure to softly clean pave style wedding bands and engagement rings. If you're too rough with the toothbrush, you could pop some of the melee stones out. This usually only happens if they're loose, to begin with.

In order to best protect your dainty diamond engagement ring, you should avoid cleaning it in a jewelry steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner.

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