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What Is a Bezel Setting Engagement Ring

A bezel set engagement ring is a style of ring that incorporates metal to secure a diamond or center stone. Metal secures the diamond from falling out of place, offering protection from things such as scratches.

Bezel Settings vs Other Settings

A bezel set engagement ring is said to be the oldest ring style in the world. These rings are a timeless piece of jewelry that are still a popular option for modern diamond engagement rings. You'll love the way our bezel set engagement rings surround your center stone and offer a ring of extra protection from everyday wear.

A bezel set engagement ring doesn't just make a beautiful engagement ring. Bezel set diamonds have distinct features which set it apart from a traditional prong setting diamond engagement ring. Bezel settings are versatile and look amazing with wide variety of wedding band styles.

A bezel engagement ring offers better protection for your diamond engagement ring as opposed to several styles. It's the perfect ring choice for people who are active with their hands at work or at play. Bezel set engagement rings look stunning when featuring semi precious gemstones. These antique gemstones do a wonderful job in highlighting the timeless beauty that bezel engagements offer.

You might hear that bezel set rings let in less light. That's to be expected when the center stone is placed flush into a setting than prong settings. However, you can still have a bezel setting ring with exceptional sparkle. By choosing a round center gemstone with an excellent cut, you can have the sparkle of a prong setting and the protection of a bezel setting.

If an ideal cut diamond or gemstone is out of your ring budget, you might opt for one of our half bezel set engagement rings. Bezel settings that surround half or a portion of diamond engagement rings offer additional protection like full bezel settings at a lower price.

Craft Your Beautiful Bezel Set Diamond Ring

Choose the center stone of your bezel ring from out ethically conscious lab grown diamonds, which can be 20-40% less expensive than earth mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the ethical alternative to mined diamonds you can feel good about-both inside your heart and your wallet.

A metal ring of your chosen precious metal surrounds the center diamond handpicked by you or your partner. Our bezel settings are crafted with ethically conscious recycled metals. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum for your bezel set engagement ring.

Protect Your Bezel Engagement Ring Forever

A bezel setting engagement ring gives you some extra protection for your ring setting. If you want your entire bridal set covered, you should consider purchasing our Forever Service Plan.

Every bezel set diamond ring automatically comes with our free manufacturer's warranty. All of our lab grown diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond jewelry are protected against manufacturing defects.

The Forever Service plan is a one time payment that covers your bezel ring and other fine jewelry for years to come. It includes many routine repairs often needed for jewelry. This includes some of the service your bezel setting engagement ring might need, including bezel setting diamond tightening, repairs on scratched yellow and rose gold, and rhodium plating your white gold bezel setting.

For more questions about bezel setting engagement rings, chat with a Clean Origin jewelry expert today. If you want help deciding which of our bezel setting engagement rings is for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our jewelry experts today.

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