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Lab Grown 7 Carat Diamond Rings

Our collection of ethical lab grown 7 carat diamond rings make a beautiful choice for your diamond engagement ring. We offer many specially handcrafted ring settings to accommodate the 7 carat diamond of your choice, while leaving its other grades completely up to you.

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How Big is a 7 Carat Diamond Ring?

A seven carat diamond ring is a sizeable carat weight, no matter what shape you choose for it. Some 7 carat diamond shapes may appear bigger than other shapes, even if the carat weights are the same.

The most popular option for 7 carat diamond rings are round brilliant diamonds. They have a brilliance and sparkle unparalleled to other shapes. As a result of its precise cutting needs, a round brilliant diamond appears smaller than elongated shapes like an emerald cut diamond, marquise, or an oval cut diamond ring.

The exact carat size of a 7 carat diamond varies upon cut quality and depth. Here are some general measurements for a 7 carat diamond in popular diamond shapes:

  • Round brilliant cut: 12.4mm in diameter, 7.7mm in depth
  • Princess cut: 10.4mm x 10.4mm, 8.1mm in depth
  • Cushion cut: 11.1mm x 10.4mm, 7.7mm in depth
  • Emerald cut: 13.1mm x 8.4mm, 7.0mm in depth
  • Oval cut: 15.0mm x 10.5mm, 6.3mm in depth
  • Pear cut: 15.1mm x 10.1mm, 7.2mm in depth
  • Marquise cut: 20.1mm x 8.6mm, 5.1mm in depth
  • Radiant cut: 11.7mm x 9.1mm, 7.0mm in depth
  • Are Seven Carat Diamonds Too Big?

    "Too big" and "too small" are terms of preference when it comes to your diamond engagement ring. Your diamond ring is only too big if you think it's too big. That being said, a 7 carat diamond is a very sizeable and large diamond. Some people who opt for a larger diamond, around seven carats, are unable to wear their diamond ring every day because of its size.

    You should also be mindful of where you wear your 7 carat diamond engagement ring. No doubt about it, a 7 carat diamond can be a truly stunning stone. Still, it is best to be aware of your surroundings when out in public wearing it.

    What's the Best Ring Setting for a 7 Carat Diamond?

    There are many types of ring settings that can accommodate 7 carat diamond engagement rings. The style of the engagement ring band doesn't matter too much. However, you should think more about the structure of your 7 carat diamond ring.

    A 7 carat diamond ring is large, and larger diamonds tend to stick out. In order to reduce any bumps or chipping to your 7 carat diamond, you may want a low-profile ring setting. This is when your 7 carat diamond is basically as flush to the band as possible.

    If you really want it, a high ring setting can still be an option, but you'll have to be very, very careful when wearing it.

    To reinforce the durability of your 7 carat diamond ring, you can opt for platinum instead of gold. Our 7 carat engagement rings can be available in 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum

    Platinum is a stronger metal than gold and can be especially helpful with a 7 carat diamond ring. The platinum prongs are stronger than gold, so the wear and tear of your prongs are decreased.

    While platinum is stronger, it is also heavier, more expensive, and more vulnerable to scratching than a gold 7 carat diamond ring. However, polishing can buff out the scratches on any 7 carat engagement ring.

    What Clarity Rating to Choose for a 7 Carat Diamond?

    On average, a 7 carat diamond ring is extremely rare. An internally flawless or flawless 7 carat diamond is even rarer. The GIA's clarity scale includes the following grades for diamonds:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3)
  • When you choose a larger carat weight like a 7 carat diamond, your other diamond grades should be higher too. You don't need an internally flawless diamond ring unless you really want one. But choosing a slightly included 7 carat diamond may have obvious inclusions that detract from the brilliance of your diamond.

    Choosing the clarity grade of your 7 carat diamond ring is up to your preference and budget. It's recommended to choose a VS2 on the clarity scale or higher for a 7 carat diamond. Very slightly included diamonds have very small inclusions to the naked eye under magnification.

    Diamond inclusions can appear more obvious in different shapes too. Brilliant cut shapes like round diamonds and oval diamonds are better at hiding slightly visible inclusions. Emerald cut diamonds may reveal inclusions due to the stairlike flashing effect of their cutting style.

    What Color Grades to Choose for a 7 Carat Diamond?

    Just like clarity, the color grade of your 7 carat diamond ring is your choice and yours alone. Color is a visual preference, and some are more sensitive to tinted diamonds than others. On average, most people choose near colorless or colorless diamonds for the grade of their center stone.

    Due to the diamond size, we recommend purchasing a 7 carat diamond with a G color grade or higher. A G color diamond is the first grade of the "near colorless" diamond color tier. Though H, I, and J color grade are still part of the near colorless tier, the yellow tint is more detectable in these grades at that center stone size.

    That being said, some people may prefer a warmer colored diamond ring to one that is colorless. In that case, your diamond ring is likely to be less expensive than if you were wanting a bright white diamond ring.

    How Much is a 7 Carat Diamond Ring?

    Like most things regarding diamonds, the cost of a 7 carat diamond ring will vary depending on its diamond quality, ring setting, metal, certifying lab, and origin.

    On its own, a 7 carat diamond is expensive, no matter which way you look at it. Large diamonds have higher grades. Poor grades can make a 7 carat diamond look dull and lifeless. Even if your 7 carat diamond size is big, it won't look like the beautiful diamond you were hoping for. But it will still be plenty expensive because of its carat weight alone.

    Your ring setting also impacts the price of your 7 carat diamond ring. Minimalist engagement rings have little to no smaller diamonds, which leaves the bulk of your engagement ring price to the central diamond. But if you've chosen lots of bling and sparkly accent stones like in a halo setting, expect to pay more for those.

    It's also important to choose a 7 carat diamond that is certified by a reputable grading entity. Some grading labs may award your 7 carat diamond as a higher clarity color diamond than the most respected labs out that, like the GIA or AGS certification process.

    All of our diamonds are certified by reputable grading laboratories in the diamond industry, like the GIA, IGI, GCAL, and GSI laboratories.

    The last factor that impacts the cost significantly of a 7 carat ring is its origin. All of our 7 carat diamonds are lab created diamonds. A 7 carat mined diamond is rare and more expensive than a lab grown diamond of the same quality and carat weight.

    A 7 carat lab created diamond center stone can cost between 20-40% less expensive than a mined one. Additionally, a lab grown diamond is more likely to be a better clarity and color diamond than a mined one due to its isolated environment. It will be more affordable and easier to ensure your 7 carat diamond matches its color, clarity, and cut quality.

    You also have the option of choosing 7 carat colored diamonds. Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. Lab grown colored diamonds are considerably less. We offer the option of choosing a pink, blue, green, or yellow diamond for your 7 carat ring.

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