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Lab Grown 6 Carat Diamond Ring

A ring fit for royalty, a lab grown six carat diamond ring will adorn your fingers and show off its timeless beauty.

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How Much Is a 6 Carat Diamond Ring?

We know diamond pricing can be tricky to understand, but here's our simplest explanation for 6 carat diamond prices. You can expect to pay anywhere between $15,000 to $150,000 per carat for a 6 carat diamond at a reputable retailer. The key part is "per carat" so you have to multiply that by 6 to get the total diamond's price.

A good quality diamond won't be on either end of that price range, so you can focus on getting more bang for your buck. You don't need to buy a flawless, colorless, perfect diamond for an engagement ring because a slightly lower quality diamond will look the same and save you some money.

Another great option is buying lab grown diamonds, which are 20 - 40% less expensive than mined diamonds. When you're shopping for a diamond as large as 6 carats, this adds up a lot!

Why Choose Lab Grown 6 Carat Diamonds?

We at Clean Origin know that lab grown diamonds are such a great choice for anyone who wants to buy a diamond. There are countless reasons why more and more people are choosing lab grown diamonds for all their jewelry.

A lab grown 6 carat diamond will cost between $15,000 and $80,000 total for a round diamond. Other fancy shapes will be less expensive than a round diamond.

Because you can save so much money with a lab grown diamond, a bigger diamond, as 6 carats may be in your budget. Or you could splurge on a fancier setting for the ring to truly make it shine.

Lab grown diamonds are also 100% conflict-free and ethical, so you can feel confident that the jewelry you wear comes from a responsible and harm-free source.

What Does a 6 Carat Diamond Ring Look Like?

A 6 carat diamond ring will look beautiful on anyone, but you can truly make yours special by customizing your ring. For a large diamond, many people choose a solitaire setting with a round brilliant diamond. This is a classic and elegant look that will go with anything.

If you would prefer a more unique diamond engagement ring, you can choose a different diamond shape, setting, or metal. Elongated diamond shapes like marquise cut diamonds or oval cut diamonds are popular for their slimming effects and because they have a slight twist to the classic round diamond.

Don't forget that your ring will feature many details that are part of the setting, which is in addition to the diamond itself. Your engagement ring band may have smaller diamonds studded on it or have a unique shape. Twisted or braided bands are a common and elegant way to add something extra to your ring with the same diamond. Pavé bands with smaller diamonds all around them can also add an extra oomph to your ring.

How Big Is a 6 Carat Diamond Ring?

The diameter of a 6 carat round cut diamond is about 11.7 millimeters which are fairly large for a diamond ring. Since diamonds are measured by carat weight and not usually diamond size, there isn't one standard size for a 6 carat diamond.

The actual size of a diamond can be variable depending on the shape and who cut it. For example, a 6 carat princess cut diamond may appear smaller than a 6 carat round diamond because of its shape.

The best way to compare sizes is to try a ring on yourself! We understand this can be tricky, or you may be shopping for a partner and don't know exactly what size they would prefer.

You can look at photos comparing diamonds of different carat weights on the same finger to try and compare sizes. You may have to do some digging into your partner's jewelry box to see if there's any particular style they prefer in the jewelry they already wear.

How to Choose a 6 Carat Diamond Ring

You can't choose a diamond without knowing the 4 C's! Make sure you pick out your diamond, setting, and metal type, like yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

The diamond carat or carat weight is the actual weight of the diamond measured in carats (1/5 of a gram). The cut is how the diamond is shaped and polished so that it reflects the most light.

The precision and craftsmanship of diamond cutters will determine how well a diamond is cut, which affects its overall shine and brilliance.

Diamond clarity is a measure of how many imperfections or blemishes a diamond has. Do you know what color a diamond is? Trick question! Diamonds in jewelry are colorless; however, many natural diamonds have a slight tint of color to them, like brown or yellow. Because of this, they are graded on a scale of how much color they have, with colorless diamonds being the rarest and most expensive.

If you understand all of these factors and the specific grading scales for each one, you can shop for a diamond that is perfect for you. Need to brush up on the 4 C's? Don't worry we have a guide on buying a diamond to help you out!

You can always make an appointment with a diamond concierge at Clean Origin to get help design the perfect ring. It's completely free and virtual, so you can get your questions answered whenever!

What Are the Best Diamond Shapes for a 6 Carat Diamond Ring?

Since a 6 carat diamond is very large, there are some diamond shapes that people prefer for a truly show-stopping engagement ring.

We love choosing round diamonds because they are super popular and look great in any ring! But you can also go off road a bit and choose something that represents you.

You could choose another fancy diamond cut like a pear shaped diamond or radiant cut diamond. Diamonds with an elongated shape like oval cut diamonds or emerald cut diamonds are also very flattering because they make your fingers look longer and slimmer which many women prefer.

Any shape will look amazing in a halo setting, and if your motto is go big or go home, then this is the perfect option for making your ring appear even larger. Imagine how huge your 6 carat diamond will be with a halo or even double halo setting! Halo settings work best with symmetrical shapes like the round or cushion cut diamond. Slightly elongated shapes like the oval will also complement a halo setting nicely.

Any diamond shape that speaks to you will be perfect for a 6 carat diamond ring. Since you have a big diamond already, go with whatever you want!

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