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Round-shaped diamonds are the perfect example of simplistic beauty. With that kind of versatility, it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers. it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers.

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What Is an H Color Diamond?

H color diamonds are a near colorless diamonds. On the diamond color grade that ranges from a D diamond color (colorless) to a Z diamond color (light color), an H color diamond falls somewhere in the middle. It is, however, on the upper end of the scale.

An H color diamond is a good option for your next diamond engagement ring. The difference in color is not noticeable to the naked or untrained eye, so your H color diamond will still shine just as bright as any diamond.

Use our ring builder to create your own H colored diamond engagement ring, or find a ring design you would love to set it in.

Diamond Color Scale

Natural diamonds are either colorless or have a slight yellow tint. When talking about color grades, we are referring to how colorless diamonds are evaluated.

There are also other scales of color, such as white diamonds, which are truly white with an opaque and milky color.

There are also fancy colored diamonds that have their own color scales. This includes yellow, pink, and blue diamonds. If you're looking for more saturated colors, shop our lab created colored diamonds suitable for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.

A diamond's color grade determines how it will look. Each diamond is assigned a letter based on its color. A true colorless diamond has no color at all. Most diamonds, however, have faint color tints.

The color scale ranges from D to Z. The colorless range includes diamonds with a grade of D, E, or F. The D color diamond is the highest rated in terms of color. The near colorless range includes G, H, I, and J diamonds.

K through M represents a faint color. N through R is very light, and S - Z is light color. A Z color diamond will appear light yellow.

Are H Color Diamonds Good?

Most diamonds for engagement rings or jewelry will be in the colorless or near colorless range.

When you're shopping for a classic engagement ring, you'll want to look for diamonds that have high color grades.

H color diamonds are near colorless, and with expert craftmanship you typically cannot see the yellow tint with the naked eye.

With an exceptional cut, an H diamond will sparkle and shine the same as a D or E diamond. This makes H color diamond engagement rings very popular because they are a great value for your money.

Opt for one of our lab created diamond engagement rings to get the best ring at an affordable price compared to engagement rings that is more expensive and supports the mined diamond industry.

Choose the Right Setting and Diamond Shape

Diamonds reflect light, so the type of metal you set them in makes a huge difference.

White gold and platinum settings will enhance the brightness of the diamond. They can even make the diamond appear to have a higher color grade than it actually does.

Yellow and rose gold may make your diamond look slightly yellow. Some people do not mind this as they prefer the look of a yellow gold setting.

If rose gold or yellow gold are your favorite metals, then there's nothing wrong with pairing your diamond with them.

Diamond shapes reflect light differently and can change what color the diamond appears. The round cut shows color the least, while an emerald-cut or Asscher-cut diamond tends to show color more.

So a rose gold setting with an H color round diamond may be better than an emerald-cut diamond. Find this style combination with our minimal solitaire Kate Ring.

H Color Diamond Cost

H color diamonds are near colorless, so they will be more expensive than colored stones. But they are not truly colorless, which means you will not have to pay the same price as a colorless diamond.

H color diamonds are also more common than D, E, or F diamonds which makes them more affordable.

Keep in mind that the cut quality, clarity, and carat weight also affect the diamond price.

Cut — The diamond shapes refer to its physical appearance, while diamond cuts refer to how well the diamond’s features interact with light. A rough diamond can be cut into any shape, but it takes skilled diamond cutters to perfect fancy shapes.

Clarity — Diamond clarity refers to the number of imperfections a diamond has. Each diamond has a different amount of these inclusions. The clarity grades for diamonds range from SI2 (having the largest amount) to VVS1 (having the least).

Color — When shopping for a diamond, you generally want to look for colorless diamonds. The color grading scale ranges from Z (containing the most color) to D (containing the least color).

Carat — One of the most important factors when it comes to diamonds is their carat weight. By purchasing a lab grown diamond, you can save 20-30% on the price—enabling you to increase the carat size enough for the romantic shape to appear obvious.

A typical one carat H color round diamond may cost between $2,500 and $8,500. A lab grown H color round diamond may cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

A round 1.00 carat, excellent cut, VVS2, H color diamond from Clean Origin costs $1167.

A round diamond of the same carat weight, cut, and clarity but with an E color costs $1581.

Shopping for an H Color Diamond

Pay attention to the cut quality, clarity, and carat weight when shopping for an H color diamond.

These also have a great effect on how it will look overall.

You want to try to find an ideal or excellent cut because that makes the most difference in how the diamond will shine.

For clarity, you can also stick to an upper-middle grade, such as VVS1/VVS2 or VS1/VS2.

By shopping with these tips, you can get the best value for your money when buying a diamond.

Clean Origin Lab Grown Diamonds

All Clean Origin diamonds are conflict free and 100% responsibly sourced.

You are not only saving money when buying a lab grown diamond, but you are also making an ethical choice when shopping for jewelry like an engagement ring.

You can browse a wide selection of H color diamonds and find the perfect one for you without the guilt attached to mined diamonds.

Find our lab created H color diamonds in a range of engagement ring styles, and bridal sets. Need help? Talk to one of our diamond experts to ask questions and get advice on what to look for.

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