Our Values

At Clean Origin, our focus is on the future. We’re paving the way towards a better industry, a healthier planet, and brighter moments ahead with ethics and respect for all living beings.

Our Planet

With a family that has nearly a century’s worth of jewelry expertise over three generations, our co-founders have borne witness to the environmental and human toll of traditional diamond mining – and have vowed to do things differently.

Founded in 2017 with responsible practices at its core, Clean Origin rejects the harmful status quo of the mining industry – and instead, looks to build a better future through ethical labor, conflict-free lab grown diamonds, recycled metals, and innovative partnerships focused on impact, including One Tree Planted.

It’s clear that diamond mining is an incredibly dangerous and unethical industry, and recently, its negative impacts on the environment have come into full view. With cutting edge technology, we can work to eliminate these harmful practices, creating lab grown diamonds that take half the energy required for mined diamonds, use fewer natural resources, and emit fewer pounds of carbon into our atmosphere. With every lab grown diamond, we choose to put our planet first – while never sacrificing the unique beauty, rare sparkle, and heirloom-worthy timelessness of these precious gemstones.

Our Supply Chain Ethics

We’re building a better industry – and that includes both our internal operations and our supply chain partners.

In 2021, the diamond mining industry used 126 gallons of water per carat of diamond; in the same year, nations worldwide faced severe droughts and food shortages due to dwindling water supplies caused by climate change. In addition to water consumption, mining causes acid mine drainage that can contaminate water sources, destroying them for humans and animals alike and harming soil quality for farming. And, due to mining, ground and surface water sources are depleted at an alarming rate, including the loss of over one trillion gallons of clean water in the past year.

Meanwhile, the mining industry has been the cause of rapid deforestation at a dangerous scale, harming biodiversity, Indigenous peoples and local communities, and our planet’s lungs all at once. In fact, mining is estimated to have caused a loss of approximately 12 million forest hectares in 2020 in the Tropics alone, resulting in carbon emissions that are equivalent to the annual emissions of 570 million cars.

With our intentionally structured supply chain, we are able to reduce our impact and increase ethical oversight, ensuring that our diamonds are clean and conflict free.

Our Team

As an organization, we choose to uplift, support, and respect our hardworking and talented team. We offer volunteer days so that our employees can have a positive impact on their communities and take advantage of opportunities throughout the year to give back to causes they are passionate about.

We are also committed to diversity and inclusion, and to building a workplace where all employees are valued – not only for their skills and expertise, but for their unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds as well. We have specific policies in place to foster an environment where our team feels respected, empowered, and included, such as ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion education and training, flexible work opportunities to accommodate all different employee needs, and regular company-wide surveys to identify room for organizational growth. In addition, we intentionally seek out charitable partners that give back to historically underrepresented communities. 

Our Giving

At Clean Origin, we believe in giving back to the community. Through donations, partnerships, giveaways and more, we are committed to showing up for planetary health, children’s education, and animal welfare.

The future is the focal point of all that we do, and the wellbeing of the next generation is of utmost importance to us. We support programs that aid children through mentorship, training, and resources, including Year Up, a tuition-free job training program focused on providing professional training and internships for those who have been historically shut out of equal opportunities and access, and Junior Achievement USA, a non-profit organization that offers guidance and mentorship to young people. Additionally, we have donated to Give Kids the World and Blessings in a Backpack – two inspiring organizations making sure that kids have everything they need, from back-to-school essentials to memory-making fantasy vacations.

We are a team of true animal lovers who know all too well the threats that traditional mining poses to biodiversity and animals around the globe. Each season, we look for partners that are dedicated to animal welfare, protecting endangered species, and expanding programs for service animals and therapy dogs.

And as always, we put the planet first, with partners like One Tree Planted. This incredible non-profit organization is on a mission to restore forests and biodiversity, one tree at a time. To celebrate Earth Month 2022, we planted trees with each one of your purchases, targeting reforestation in regions most impacted by the harmful effects of diamond mining.

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