Mined Diamonds

There is no question, there are few gemstones that can compare to the beauty and the symbolism of a diamond. The first diamond engagement ring was given by the Archduke of Austria to his betrothed in 1477. That is over 500 years of tradition, romance and ecological devastation from diamond mining.

What price are we willing to place on our love? The traditional and most prevalent method of mining diamonds is called open pit mining which is exactly what it sounds like. The mining company literally digs an open pit that can go as deep as 2.8 kilometers into the bowels of the earth. In order to find a 1ct rough diamond over 1700 tons of earth must be moved.

The relatively modern way of mining diamonds is marine mining. In this case the mining companies are searching the seabed off the coast of Africa to find diamonds that have washed down to the ocean during natural erosion. Mining ships literally blindly vacuum the sea bed sucking up anything that is there to uncover whatever diamonds they can. These vacuums can displace the seabed up to 50 meters deep in their quest to uncover diamond deposits.

To be fair the diamond mining companies are fully aware of the environmental devastation caused and they have taken steps to try to minimize the impact their industry has, but profits are profits and business is business and mined diamonds will always negatively impact the eco systems and societies in which they are found.

By contrast, Clean Origin’s Lab Created diamonds are free of all the ecological negatives inherent in their mined counterparts. It is actually in the interest of the growers to minimize the amount of energy they use in the process to decrease their costs, after all, profits are profits and business is business.

Honor your love. Know the origin of your diamond.