Men's Wedding Bands

Designed with a "less is more" attitude, these simple and classic men's wedding bands symbolize eternal love. Discover our styles for him. Mens wedding bands are a daily reminder of the commitment they've made and the love they share. But while the meaning hasn't changed, the style of men's wedding bands has evolved over time. Today, men's wedding rings can feature gemstones and be made out of different metals.


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Mens Wedding Band Cost

Mens wedding bands come at different prices, so there are options for everyone. The average cost will vary based on the wedding band metal. Tungsten wedding bands may be cheaper, but may not be of the highest quality. A gold wedding ring (including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold in this category) can cost about $350 to $1,000.

Platinum mens wedding bands run much higher because they are so durable and prized--they are also the best for sensitive skin. The average price of a platinum band is about $1,000 to $1,200. However, these prices can vary depending on whether you include a stone of some type to your wedding ring.

Usually, a diamond or gemstone addition can add value and make your ring stand out. The material you choose for your ring, especially in terms of metal, will greatly impact your search.If you choose to include diamonds, they will be an extra cost to factor in. We recommend shopping for ethical lab created diamonds to save money on the precious gemstone while still having a beautiful diamond be part of your ring.

Traditional Mens Wedding Band Styles

The styles of mens wedding rings have changed a lot over the years. The jewelry industry has a new image of what a wedding band should be. Men are encouraged to have unique wedding bands featuring diamonds, gemstones, and different metals as well as more traditional manly bands. Overall, what's most important is what each person wants in their wedding band.

Like lab created diamond engagement rings for women, mens bands primarily come in white gold, yellow gold, tungsten carbide, carbon fiber, and platinum. Some even feature more than one metal to provide a two-tone look.

Some people opt for stainless steel, but these pieces may not be the longest-lasting or the nicest looking. Silver and sterling silver, while acceptable, are easy to tarnish and damage, so they are also not popular metal choices for rings.

If you plan to include diamonds in your ring, a lab created diamond will save you money. Explore our collection of lab created diamond wedding bands with just one or two words. If you have any questions, a Clean Origin jewelry consultant is available to help.

Unique Styles for Mens Wedding Bands

There are many styles of wedding bands that are unique and perfect for men to show their commitment and love for their partner.

Mens bands with diamonds are certainly unique. You can incorporate a single diamond or several small ones. You can customize each part to create the perfect jewelry.

Textured designs also give wedding bands a unique look while still maintaining a simple look. Subtle texture or an etched design lets you add personality to your ring.

Unique mens wedding bands give you the chance to stand apart from the crowd and match your personality with your wedding ring. A unique wedding band will also let you match your partner's for one-of-a-kind rings that mean everything to you.

How to Shop for Mens Wedding Bands

Jewelers will often talk about the wide range of collection options and similar items available. Make sure you understand what's available and what's not in each store. This way, you don't spend all your time in store searching for something they don't have.

You may be interested in the most popular styles or unique wedding bands. Pick out a few attributes for your ring, such as what metals you would like, what size it needs to be, and whether you want a diamond or a gemstone in it. As diamond rings become more popular, it may help to know which collection to check to find your ring in-store or online.

What Hand and Finger do Men Wear Their Wedding Bands On?
In some cultures, mens wedding bands are worn on their right-hand ring fingers. And in many cultures, men have a designer create their wedding ring for their left ring finger. Be aware that your dominant hand's ring size may be larger, so know which finger you will be wearing your ring on when you browse for wedding jewelry
Shopping For Mens Wedding Bands Online

Finding the perfect wedding band doesn't have to be a chore. We recommend browsing styles online to find what you like. You can also use online features on all your devices, like a photo upload or text search ability, to narrow down your search.

With a visual search, find different styles that are similar to what you like. If you have a picture of a wedding band you like and want to shop similar items, search for bands of the same metal and design. Use search words like white gold, yellow gold, or platinum for the metal options. You can also search for different styles like inlaid rings, beveled edges, or eternity band.

If there's not a jewelry store in your current location, lookup our virtual appointments where you can schedule a consultation with a jewelry expert to find the perfect wedding band. One you have your purchase request successfully submitted, close your laptop and relax, knowing that you've found the perfect wedding ring for you.

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