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Can You Tell Us About the Latest Trend in Jewelry Gifts That Customers Are Loving?

There are many trends that come and go every year, from designer jewelry to fine and even costume jewelry. But we think the following two trends are not only popular, but also lasting--they are rings stacks and layering necklaces.

Ring Stacks

One jewelry trend in general that lends itself nicely to gift giving is the ring stack. Ring stacking involves wearing multiple rings on one finger, one ring on top of another.

One style option when you stack rings is to give them a cohesive look. This means you choose rings that are all the same style, metal color, and include similar gemstones. But if you prefer a more eclectic mix, you can do something totally different.

You can get creative with a ring stack and choose rings that look wildly different from each other. Mix metals like yellow gold with sterling silver, or rose gold and yellow gold. If you prefer an elevated white colored metal, then pick platinum or white gold over silver. And finally, choose rings that feature various precious stones.

We offer a variety of rings for everyday wear that would make a beautiful addition to any ring stack, as well as the perfect gift.

Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces is an enduring style that people love year after year. Similar to the idea of a ring stack, you can wear multiple necklaces that either look similar to each other or contrast.

The key to the perfect layered necklace look is to choose necklaces of varying lengths (you can even look out for a necklace with an adjustable chain). A short, choker-type necklace combined with one that rests on the collar bone along with a third that falls to the middle of the chest is eye-catching.

Along with combining different lengths, opt for different metal colors and even mix and match precious gemstones. For instance, pearls are making a comeback. Combine a diamond tennis necklace with a strand of freshwater pearls for a classic diamond and pearls mix, but with a modern twist.

What Makes Your Jewelry Gifts Stand Out From Others on the Market?

Our jewlery gifts stand out from others on the market because our luxury diamond jewelry features lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are an Earth-friendly, conflict-free option to mined diamonds. And yes, a lab diamond is the exact same as a natural diamond. The only difference between the two is their origin.

Fine jewelry made with lab created diamonds is a considerate gift that your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

Are There Any Specific Jewelry Pieces That Are Highly Recommended for Special Occasions Like Anniversaries or Birthdays?

While you're always free to give whatever you choose, we think some of the best jewelry gifts to give inlcude lab created diamonds.

We have an oustanding selection of beautiful diamond tennis bracelets perfect for both anniversaries and birthdays. You can also consider gifting a diamond pendant necklace. Diamod stud earrings are a timeless gift that never go out of style, and they come in fany shapes like oval, emerald, and even pear.

If you're celebrating an anniversary such as a wedding anniversary, why not choose an anniversary ring to go with their wedding ring? They can be worn stacked with a wedding and engagement ring, or alone. The options are endless.

At Clean Origin, we have many jewelry gift ideas. If you need help finding something you love we encourage you to book a virtual appointment with one of our diamond specialists.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Most Popular Jewelry Gifts?

We ensure the quality of our most popular jewelry gifts (and all of our jewelry) a few different ways.

One way we ensure quality is by partnering with several independent diamond certification laboratories. These laboratories provide certification of our lab grown diamonds so you know exactly what you are getting.

The second is that we offer a 100 day return policy. If you decide to return your jewelry gift for any reason you may do so within 10o days of the date of purchase. You just need to include the original diamond certificate (if applicable).

Finally, we offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty. This is a lifetime guarantee that your lab grown diamond jewelry will be free from manufacturing defects at the time of delivery.

For more details about diamond certification, our return policy, and our lifetime manufacturing warranty, you can visit here.

How Do You Help Customers Choose the Perfect Jewelry Gift for Their Loved Ones?

Whether you purchase online or in-store at one of our beautiful nationwide showrooms, we have experienced diamond and jewelry experts available to help.

If you'd like to see if we have a showroom near you, we have a useful showroom locater on our website. And if you're not located near one of our jewelry stores, you can always book a virtual consultation through our website.

Do You Offer Any Warranty or Guarantee for Your Popular Jewelry Gifts?

Yes, we offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty. It guarantees your lab grown diamond jewelry will be free from manufacturing defects when it is delivered.

Can You Share Some Tips on How to Care for and Maintain the Longevity of Your Popular Jewelry Gifts?

It is easy to care for jewelry made with lab grown diamonds. To begin with, you should have a reputable jeweler check the prongs that hold your diamonds in place. If possible, have this done every six to twelve months. It's easy for prongs to loosen, which means the real possibility of losing a diamond.

To clean your genuine diamond jewelry, soak it in a bowl of warm, soapy water for about ten minutes. A gentle soap is best for this; there is no need for harsh jewelry cleaners. Once your jewelry has soaked for about 10 minutes, gently scrub it with a soft brush and rinse it. Finally, pat it with a soft cloth to remove excess water and set it out to air dry.

Can You Suggest Some Timeless Jewelry Gifts That Are Suitable for Any Age or Style?

A pair of diamond stud earrings is the perfect gift for all ages, no matter their personal style. We offer diamond stud earrings in sizes that range from 1/6 ct. tw. to 3 ct. tw., making them the ideal gift for any age. And if you want to gift a pair of studs with extra sparkle, we have halo studs available too.

Are There Any Specific Gemstones or Birthstones That Are Popular Choices for Jewelry Gifts?

Looking for jewelry gift ideas based on birthstones? Does the gift recipient have an April birthday? If so, then diamonds are the way to go. Your first thought might be to choose something like a zodiac pendant necklace, but there are more subtle ways to acknowledge an April baby's birthstone.

You can gift them a diamond pendant necklace like our Sunburst Necklace, or even our Tinsley Diamond Pendant. But in general, diamonds make a popular jewelry gift for anyone, year round.

Do You Offer Personalized Jewelry Gifts?

While we don't offer personalized jewelry, we do offer the option to customize certain engagement rings. Start by choosing your diamond, then the setting and metal color. We offer 14k gold and 18k gold in white, yellow, and rose. We also offer platinum options. None of our jewelry is ever gold plated or filled. And we do not offer sterling silver.

Are There Any Specific Metals That Are Preferred for Jewelry Gifts, Such As Gold, Silver, or Platinum?

When it comes to fine jewelry, you will want to stick with gold and platinum. You'll rarely come across high-quality diamonds set in silver.

And you should also keep in mind the karat of the gold you choose for your gift. The higher the karat, the pricier the gold will be--but it will also be softer and more delicate. Softer golds are not as suited to withstand the wear and tear that jewelry like rings and bracelets receive with daily use.

For rings and bracelets, consider 14k gold. And for earrings and necklaces, you can choose a higher karat gold like 18k or 24k; these jewelry pieces don't bump or snag on surfaces as often as a ring or bracelet does.

Do You Offer Any Services for Resizing or Adjusting the Fit of Jewelry Gifts After Purchase?

Yes, we offer one complimentary ring resizing for our standard ring styles. To ensure you are choosing the correct ring size before you purchase, be sure to use our printable ring sizer.

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