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What Is a Diamond Eternity Band?

Diamond eternity bands are rings that have diamond stones surrounding the entire band. While the stone size for different eternity bands can vary, most come in white or yellow gold, and even platinum.

An eternity ring can be the perfect jewelry to represent and express your love. But, what does it really mean? And when is it appropriate to give one to your loved one? Let us answer these questions and more.

What Is the Eternity Ring Meaning?

They are classically known for symbolizing enduring, eternal love. With these luxurious rings, you don’t know where they begin and where they end. Their consistent flowing design lends itself beautifully to the metaphor of eternal love. They also often symbolize the circle of life.

Whatever this ring symbolizes to you and your loved one, it is an absolutely stunning and meaningful gift. They make a beautiful addition to a stack and match with engagement rings and wedding bands--eternity rings can even take the place of wedding rings.

With no beginning and no end, diamond eternity bands go on forever. Our many customizable designs and diamonds -- featuring various shapes and recycled precious metals -- make these rings a symbol of the unique and endless love you share with your partner.

When Should You Get an Eternity Ring?

Diamond eternity rings are a traditional anniversary gift and have been for decades. It can be a beautiful way to commemorate a special milestone in your relationship. Often for significant anniversaries, an eternity ring is given to express the eternal love you share. They’re also often given after the birth of a child or addition to the family.

Whether an anniversary or addition to the family, these luxurious rings make the perfect gift for your loved one as you celebrate the love and devotion you have for each other.

Which Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring On?
Most commonly, an eternity ring is stacked with the engagement ring and wedding ring on the left ring finger. This can make a beautiful addition to your collection.
Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Eternity, and Wedding Rings?

People often wear their eternity band placed between the engagement ring and wedding band. When stacked together, they represents the many beautiful facets of your wedding vows. While this is how eternity rings are most commonly worn, they can be worn wherever and however, you prefer.

Can an Eternity Ring Be Used as an Engagement Ring?
Yes, an eternity ring can be used an an engagement ring. In fact, there are no definite rules about what types of rings can be worn as engagement rings. You should feel free to wear any type or style of ring you want, whether it's a diamond band, a simple band, or a more traditional ring like a solitaire.
Can You Resize a Diamond Eternity Band?
No, you cannot resize a diamond eternity band. This is why it's important to select the correct size before you purchase.
What Style Options Are Available?

The style and design of an eternity ring lend themselves to many options and variables. This means that the perfect ring can be crafted to express your unique love. At Clean Origin, every diamond is a lab created diamond, which means that your gift, whichever style you decide on, is ethically sourced.

We have many styles to choose from. If you’re looking for a more simple and minimalist design, both the Tess and Mae eternity bands are perfect. They have elegant diamonds set along with an extra slim band.

We also have more eye-catching eternity bands for the bold women in your life. These bold rings lend themselves to many diamond shape options, between oval, emerald, and round diamonds. Choose between yellow, rose, or white gold. They can hold from 7-8 carats of lab created diamond depending on the ring size. We also have designs to explore for every style in between, from the unique Sierra or Buckingham to the classic Emballage.

Half Eternity Rings

Looking for something a bit more comfortable? Half eternity rings are an excellent option. A half eternity ring is like all other diamond eternity rings in that it features a row of diamonds on the band. The main difference is that the diamonds only encircle half of the band.

Clean Origin Eternity Rings

Shopping online with us for the perfect ring is easy and convenient. To find the perfect ring online first do a visual search, find our available rings, then use our filters. You can filter by options like diamond shape, setting, metal color, and even set a price range.

Not finding what you're looking for? No matter if you're shopping for an eternity ring, engagement rings, or a wedding band, we have something you will treasure forever. We are here to help and encourage you to set up a virtual appointment with one of our jewelry consultants today.

And if you prefer to shop in-person, we may have a store near your current location--lookup a local showroom, here. If you are near one of our stores you may even be able to avoid shipping fees by scheduling a store pickup. Just be sure to call for in-store availability before you go.

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