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Is Jewelry a Good Gift for a Special Occasion?

So long as it is chosen with care and consideration of your relationship with the recipient, jewelry can be an appropriate gift for almost all special occasions - birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

What Piece of Jewelry is Most Commonly Gifted?

The most commonly gifted piece of jewelry is a necklace. This is because necklaces are versatile with any fashion and style, are easy to shop for, and can be worn by people of all ages and genders.

That being said, other jewelry pieces are also commonly gifted. Charm bracelets, earrings, and rings are all great gift options. These can all be personalized to suit the preferences of the gift recipient. For example, you could create a multi-color ring stack or two-tone earrings with the metal color white as the primary hue.

How to Choose Diamond Jewelry Gifts?

The general rule of thumb when buying anything with diamonds is to keep the 4Cs in mind:


Cut refers to how well the diamond was cut and polished to the correct shape. It determines how brilliant and sparkly a diamond will be.


Clarity is how many imperfections or blemishes a diamond has. Even a diamond with slight marks or blemishes will still appear the same when looking at it.


Color refers to the absence of color, with colorless diamonds being the rarest and sought-after. Most natural diamonds have a slight tint of yellow or brown color, but if you get a near colorless diamond, you usually aren't able to see this tint with the naked eye.

Carat Weight

While carat weight is an indicator of a diamond's weight, it directly affects the size perception of a diamond ring. If you want a large center stone, this is the diamond attribute you'll want to invest more of your budget on.

Another factor to consider is the precious metal of the jewelry. Many jewelry gifts are made with sterling silver; however, it can cause an allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin. Opting for other precious metals, such as 18k yellow gold or platinum, may be a better idea should that be the case

Lastly, remember to keep your budget in mind. Gifting jewelry can be expensive depending on what you are looking for and the quality of the jewelry. Fortunately for you, at Clean Origin, our lab grown diamond jewelry is 20-40% less expensive than traditional diamond jewelry.

Can Jewelry be Considered an Intimate Gift?

Gifting jewelry is a personal and intimate act. It requires familiarity with the recipient's preferences, interests, and general aesthetics. You must consider your relationship with the recipient to determine whether jewelry is an appropriate gift.

For instance, if the jewelry is meant for your romantic partner or a family member, it is an appropriate gift. However, it's best to find another type of gift if it is meant for a friend or a work colleague.

How to Wrap a Jewelry Gift Box?
p> Like most other gifts, you can wrap a jewelry gift box to make it look even more unique.

First, you would need to gather the essential materials like tape, scissors, and wrapping paper. Then you cut the wrapping paper to cover the gift box. Lastly, add a ribbon, bow, or a small card with a personal message for additional touches.

What is Special about Lab Created Diamond Jewelry?

At Clean Origin, all our jewelry is made with lab created diamonds. Lab diamonds are produced using specialized equipment replicating the natural diamond growing process. A lab grown diamond offers the same clarity and quality as mined ones but is less environmentally harmful.

Not only are they green for the environment, but also for your wallet. Lab grown diamonds are 20-40% less expensive than natural diamonds. These savings will allow you to get higher-quality jewelry at a lower price than if it were made with mined diamonds.

Find the Perfect Diamond Jewelry Gift at Clean Origin

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