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For unique wedding rings, browse our assortment of specially designed rings, including multiple rows and east/west set stones.

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Choosing Unique Wedding Rings

Think outside the box, reflect your personal style, and display your diamond's natural beauty with unique wedding rings. A unique wedding band represents your life and marriage, complete with personalized details and some diamond shine. Browse our full selection of hand-finished rings and create the perfect bridal set or create your own unique ring.

A classic wedding ring is popular for a reason. A straight, pavé, or channel set wedding band and round or princess cut diamond are beautiful testaments to the bond two people share. If you're seeking a bridal set that displays your creativity, individuality, and personal style, then you should consider a unique wedding ring design.

Start by choosing an engagement ring that's outside the box. You might consider trading a standard round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with an unexpected marquise or pear-cut diamond instead. These gemstones are the height of fashion and serve lots of vintage glamour and sparkle. You can also contrast these rounded gemstones with an angular wedding band.

One of the factors to consider when shopping for unique wedding bands is your precious metal. A common metal for wedding bands is a white gold bridal set, followed by a yellow gold ring. A white gold ring or yellow gold ring If you seek unique wedding bands, consider a rose gold ring. Platinum is another precious metal that makes a strong, durable wedding band. Consider platinum if you need durability, and predict your wedding band will see lots of wear.

Make Your Wedding Rings Unique

You can create unique wedding rings and engagement rings by customizing your bridal set. Even if you choose a popular style like a yellow gold halo engagement ring with white diamonds, you can still add unexpected wedding bands to make your wedding ring stack special.

If you like wedding bands with a vintage feel, consider a nature-inspired wedding band from the Victorian era. Vintage art deco wedding bands are another great option if you want a little more bling in your wedding band. You can also add a diamond band on each side of your engagement ring to create even more sparkle or even feature colored gemstones that create a striking look. If you don't want a diamond band, a platinum or gold band doesn't have to be plain. Another option to consider is rose gold engagement rings, as they have a simply stunning look. An engraved wedding band without stones or a two-toned gold band are two fantastic options. Stones or no stones, stackable bands are a fun way to create a one-of-a-kind bridal set.

You can also customize your wedding band style with shape. Many people pick a straight wedding band because it's a timeless shape. Want a more unique wedding band? Check out a wedding band with an unexpected shape. Freeform rings, infinity wedding rings, and pointed wedding bands are all unique wedding rings that you can easily pair with an engagement ring or wear alone. Unique engagement rings are perfect for everyday wear and pair wonderfully with a unique wedding ring with their stunning styles and vintage look.

Need More Help?

Looking for some inspiration? Have questions about the ring-buying process? Our jewelry experts are here to help. Schedule a virtual appointment today, and we'll help you discover a unique wedding ring or engagement ring that represents your marriage. If you're shopping from the Dallas, Texas, area, you can also visit our Dallas Stonebriar showroom for a unique engagement ring shopping experience. Some wedding bands are even available for same-day pickup.

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