7 & 5 Stone Diamond Rings

The ideal gift for milestones and anniversaries, a 7 or 5 stone diamond ring is perfect to mark special occasions or celebrate a special someone.

Accent Stone Shape

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Five Stone Ring Styles and Options

Most of our five stone wedding rings are prong settings. They give your five stone ring the best opportunity to sparkle from every angle. A five stone ring can come in any style, as long as they have five stones.

If you're looking for a five stone wedding ring with a unique design, our collection has some diamond ring settings you might love. Our Trellis settings weave together beautifully compared to traditional prongs on a wedding band.

You might hear a five stone wedding band called a half eternity band. A half eternity band has diamonds around half of the wedding band. The total carat weight of your diamonds will determine how far they go down your wedding band.

Lab grown diamonds are automatically 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds, reducing the cost of your five stone ring. But if you're looking for lower carat weights, we offer five stone rings from 1/2 carat total weight to 2 1/2 carat total weight.

Your ring metal is another way to give your five stone ring some style. Our five stone wedding rings are available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Diamond Shapes for Five Stone Diamond Rings

Did you know a round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape for jewelry? That's because it produces exceptional brilliance and sparkle. But don't count other diamond shapes out. Many online diamond retailers will offer customers two choices of gemstones on their site: round and princess cut.

Our stunning collection of 5 stone diamond rings offers more diamond shapes to choose from. You can search our collection of round, princess cut, oval, or emerald cut five stone wedding rings.

Five stone diamond rings represent the five relationship pillars: love, commitment, communication, empathy, and trust. Five stone anniversary rings are the ultimate gift to mark a five year anniversary occasion. The perfect wedding band next to your diamond engagement ring or as a standalone diamond ring, these are timeless styles.

Jewelry Care for Five Stone Wedding Rings

You'll want to keep your gorgeous five stone ring looking beautiful for many years. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry need to be cared for, especially if you're wearing them every day. The same goes for your five stone ring.

When picking out your precious metal, shop with your activity level in mind. The metal on your five stone ring isn't damage-proof. Gold metal is soft and scratches easily. The metal prongs that hold your five stones in place can wear down. When five stone wedding rings start catching on the fabric of your clothing, it's time for prong retipping.

White gold five stone wedding rings will need rhodium plating to keep them looking pristine. If you've chosen rose gold or yellow gold five stone wedding rings, you'll still want them polished and clean.

Our Forever Service Plan is the best option when caring for five stone rings. It covers all the routine maintenance you should need for any piece of diamond jewelry. Rhodium plating your white gold five stone ring and retipping all five prongs are just a couple of the benefits.

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