Clean Origin is thrilled to introduce our new El Sol Collection, an exclusive assortment of Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds (SCS-007) - providing an even higher level of sustainability rating than our already ethical, earth-friendly lab grown options.

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds (SCS-007)

Consumers are increasingly demanding that the diamonds they purchase meet the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility, protecting people and the planet. SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds, the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the diamond sector, satisfies this demand.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is an independent certification body renowned for evaluating various environmental and sustainability claims. Their meticulously crafted certification standard for diamonds, known as SCS-007, has been developed over years in collaboration with academics, diamond experts, and advocates for social and environmental justice.

El Sol Collection

While Clean Origin has long exclusively sold lab-grown diamonds as a lower-impact alternative to mined diamonds, the demand for lab-grown diamonds, with their price advantage and assurance of ethical sourcing, led us to explore this even more sustainable option for our customers.

This groundbreaking certification standard applies to both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, including any entity that handles the diamonds on their way to market.

All of this is backed by independent, third-party certification. No other standard provides this level of assurance to jewelry manufacturers, retailers or their customers.

The Complete and Comprehensive Certificate of Sustainability

SCS-007 certification affirms that our lab-created diamonds meet five essential criteria.

1) stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievement; 2) climate neutrality; 3) sustainable production practices with net zero impact; 4) comprehensive origin traceability for the highest possible source-to-market certainty; and 5) sustainability investments that support vulnerable communities, reduce net impacts further, and contribute to a safer world.

Each Certified Diamond is accompanied by a detailed digital certificate that explains how its Sustainability Rating was earned, including origin traceability, conformance with rigorous ethical and environmental requirements, progress in reaching Climate Neutrality and zeroing out other production-related impacts, and sustainability investments.

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