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Susie Saltzman halo ring

About Susie Saltzman

Susie Saltzman worked in Product Development at Tiffany & Co. for many years and holds her Graduate Diamonds Certificate from the esteemed Gemological Institute of America, along with a number of other jewelry design and gemstone grading credentials. Susie Saltzman has partnered very closely with highly skilled CAD engineers and a quality assurance team to ensure meticulous craftsmanship and quality are achieved in each and every piece she custom fabricates.

Susie Saltzman offers an alternative to the traditional fine jewelry purchase. Her modern approach to timeless design embodies the brand mission – Make beautiful keepsakes that celebrate unique and personal milestones. Each design is effortless, easy to wear and offers something unexpected while still feeling as though it could have spanned generations passed and those to come.

Interesting fact: Susie's personalized jewelry brand began with a simple request from her brother-in-law. When asking for help with her sister's engagement ring, Susie lead him through every step of the way and he ended up with a hand-made diamond engagement ring for his bride-to-be.


Susie Saltzman custom rings

Why we partnered with Susie

Every ring that Susie custom designs is personally managed directly by her. Every step of the process is overseen and her team has experts that specialize in each specific craft that goes into the bespoke process. Attention to detail and keen listening skills are key to delivering the perfect product and experience. Susie is easy to work with and takes a lot of stress and guesswork out of custom designing an engagement ring.

What we love about Susie

Susie is extremely personable. She makes the process easy and comfortable. She also strikes a nice balance of designing a product that is timeless yes still special and unique. Susie is knowledgeable and would consider herself an expert when it comes to diamonds and fine jewelry fabrication, but also highly creative and innovative with design. So, she can help design something special while still ensuring it can be manufactured in a high-quality manner.


Lab Grown Diamonds

Unlike some other retailers, even the small diamonds in our rings are 100% lab grown.

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