Our Most Exclusive Collection

At Clean Origin, our dedication to our diamonds is unmatched. Every Clean Origin diamond is hand-picked and unquestionably stunning. However, the Rare Find Collection has even more sparkle at an unbeatable price.

Rare Find diamonds all fall into the top 3 colors, the top 5 clarity grades, and the top cut grades. Each stone is certified in New York by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

There is no doubt that these stones will take your breath away. Luckily, their price tag won't. Incredible quality. Incredible value.


Perfectly Cut

When it comes to cut, there is nothing better than the Rare Find collection.

Although often confused with shape, the cut of a diamond actually refers to how well the diamond plays with light. Impeccable workmanship results in a diamond that attracts light in all the right places, exuding nothing but gorgeous sparkle.

Cut can be an extremely important part of a diamond, as its brightness depends on perfect symmetry. These diamonds, all graded at least three times, will emit a sparkle so intense, it can only be found in these rare stones.


Flawless Color

A diamond's color, or lack thereof, can make or break its appearance. You never want a diamond that looks yellow, as it is a telltale indication that it has a low color grade. The Rare Find collection only features diamonds with D or F color. This ensures that your diamond appears colorless, without any sign of yellow.

Your structurally perfect diamond will catch the eyes of individuals from near and far, as its combination of top tier cut, color and clarity will create a stone that you will not be able to take your eyes off of.


Clear As Day

All diamonds, lab-grown or mined, can have characteristics such as inclusions or blemishes. The prominence of these features is what identifies the clarity grade of a diamond.

The diamonds featured in the Rare Find Collection have only the highest clarity — VS2. There is no chance of spotting an imperfection in these stones.

On its own, this level of clarity can bring a new level of sophistication to a diamond. Coupled with unbeatable cut and color, and you have a true rarety. It takes a specific diamond to graduate to the Rare Find level, don't miss the chance to make that diamond yours.


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