Frequently Asked Questions

Are Clean Origin Lab Created diamonds certified by the GIA?

We partner with several independent, highly reputable diamond certification laboratories. The two most prominent ones are IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab). Learn more about the certification process here.

Why do two identical diamonds, both with exactly the same specifications, have different pricing?

We offer transparent pricing. This means that if we ever get a great deal on a diamond, we immediately pass it on to you. Since we always offer the best price from the start, our customers can shop whenever is convenient for them and never need to wait for a discount.

I found a lower priced stone that I like. Is there something wrong with it? What am I missing?

Minor variations in the 4 Cs are not always visible to the naked eye. For example, a slightly lower grade in color or clarity means the stone has a touch of yellow warmth or microscopic inclusions (similar to those found in naturally occurring, mined diamonds). Even if these variations are only noticeable under magnification, they impact the grade of the diamond, which can translate into a lower price. We

Does Clean Origin have sales or offer discount codes?

We believe our customers are best served through transparent pricing. This means we always offer our best prices up front and there is no need to wait for a “sale” or a “discount” in order to get engaged.

How long does it take to ship my ring order?

You can expect to receive your ring within 7 to10 working days. Before shipping it to you, we put each ring through a rigorous inspection and quality assurance process. We always give each ring the same level of scrutiny and take no shortcuts. We know it’s hard to be patient, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Can I get my order faster?

Unfortunately this is not possible for custom rings. We ship each order through FedEx expedited and insured shipping as soon as it is ready. If you cannot wait 7 to 10 days, we offer a wide selection of beautiful preset rings that can be shipped overnight.

Why is the cut grade missing from some of your stones?

If the shape of the stone is not a traditional round, it may not have a cut grade. There are many ways to cut a Marquis, a Radiant or an Oval stone (to name just a few) in order to play up brilliance and beauty. For this reason, cut grades are not typically assigned to these types of “fancy shape” diamonds.

Is there a difference between pink gold and rose gold?

No, both terms refer to the same color.

Your pink gold looks different from others I’ve seen. Why is this?

The tone, hue and intensity of the metal can look a bit different depending on the computer screen. Different alloys can also have slightly more or less of a pink hue. Our pink gold bands and jewelry are always 14K gold.

Can I order only the center stone (no ring)?

Absolutely! We make it easy to do so. We have many customers who wish to use an heirloom setting that was handed down through family. In this case, you can order the center stone and have it set at a local jeweler.

How long does it take to ship my center stone order?

You can expect to receive your center stone within 7 to10 business days through FedEx expedited and insured shipping.

Can you ship my package to a FedEx location to be held for pick up?

Absolutely! Just make this selection during the checkout process.

Does anything on the shipping box indicate what is inside?

No. Our packaging is ultra discrete and consists of a plain brown cardboard box. Inside you will find a cherry wood box that beautifully and securely displays your ring.

Are your shipments fully insured?

Yes! All of our shipments are 100% insured.