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Engagement Ring Settings

Choose an engagement ring setting to pair with a stunning lab grown diamond that brings out your natural beauty.

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What Is an Engagement Ring Setting?

An engagement ring setting is the actual wedding band of the engagement ring. It also refers to the mounting or placement of the diamonds on the ring, and it really makes a difference in how your engagement ring will look overall.

It will include a setting for the center stone and other features of the metal itself, like a twisted band or split band. You can have different settings for the diamond, like a classic prong setting, or choose special features like a halo setting or bezel setting.

There are also things to think about, like the metal type for the band and the size of the ring. The setting is just as important as the diamond in an engagement ring, so don't leave it off your list!

Classic Engagement Ring Settings

The prong setting, or claw setting, is a simple setting that is common in solitaire rings and any rings that have a big center stone. A prong setting is simply a few small prongs that curve around the diamond and hold it in place.

Another popular setting is the halo setting which has a center diamond surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds. The smaller diamonds add a halo around the diamond, which makes it stunningly shine. A halo engagement ring is a great choice for anyone who wants the look of a larger diamond or to show off a super bright and sparkly ring.

A three stone engagement ring is a type of ring that has a larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones. The two stones can be the same or a different shape and are usually smaller. This creates a flattering row of diamonds that lays across the finger beautifully.

A pavé setting is another setting that features smaller diamond accents. A pavé band is set with many small accent diamonds around the band, which can go all the way around or only be on the top part of the band. Pavé rings add extra sparkle to the ring with the diamonds without being too much.

Unique Engagement Ring Settings

There are plenty of other settings for engagement rings that have a more unique flair.

A tension setting holds the diamond in place with pressure or compression instead of the typical prongs. It often features the two sides of the band connecting with the diamond above and below it, instead of meeting in the middle of the diamond.

A low set engagement ring sets the diamond lower than a typical setting. This makes the diamond lay more flush with the metal band and barely sticks up, if at all. A low set ring may be best for someone who is constantly using their hands for work.

A cathedral setting looks like a typical prong setting from the top, but from the side, it has an extra feature that makes it stand out. In a cathedral setting, two arches come up from the side of the ring and hold the diamond at an elevated position. From the side, these two arches create two gaps between the diamond and the metal band.

What Type of Metal Is Best for an Engagement Ring?

The metal is super important in the engagement ring's setting because it will give your ring color and determine its durability.

Popular metals, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, are usually available for all the styles of engagement rings that you want.

Before you pick a metal for the engagement ring, think about your future wedding rings! This way, if you want to match the metal or choose something different, you can be prepared for that future decision.

How to Choose a Setting

Even though there are so many different settings, you don't have to pick straight from a list! It's better to browse styles and look for things that stand out to you or designs that you like to get an idea of what to shop for.

Then you can look at different settings if you know you want a little extra something on your ring or to keep it classic and simple. If you want to combine different design elements, which we think you totally should, just make sure that they go well together so the ring looks put together overall.

That being said, you can still have all your favorite design elements in your ring without sacrificing beauty and style. It just depends on how you combine the elements to make everything tie together!

Can I Customize My Engagement Ring Setting?

You can definitely customize your engagement ring setting! It's probably the most customizable part of your engagement ring. This is where your true personality will shine and how your ring can be completely unique and special to you.

If you're shopping for a partner, then you'll have to really think about their personal style and what would truly shine on their finger.

You can customize the type of metal based on what color they would prefer. You can also choose bands with different gold content, like 14 karat gold or 18 karat gold, depending on your budget and how active their lifestyle is.

After that, you have the option for different setting features like a specific type of setting or additional features to the band. Some popular settings are the prong setting, channel setting, halo setting, and three stone setting, but there are so many more!

Where to Buy Engagement Rings

Nowadays, you can shop for amazing engagement rings online before you make a big purchase.

Clean Origin offers a wide selection of engagement ring settings that are perfect for your true love. You can be confident in your purchase of 100% ethical and conflict-free diamonds and recycled metals that every Clean Origin ring contains.

With the ability to customize the metal and diamonds, you can truly create the perfect ring!

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