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Lab Grown Diamond 2 Carat Diamond Rings

Round-shaped diamonds are the perfect example of simplistic beauty. With that kind of versatility, it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers. it’s no wonder our round diamonds are best-sellers.

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How Big is a 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 2 carat diamond engagement ring is not always going to be the same size. Every diamond is going to have a different size because they all started out as random, rough shapes and had to be cut and polished. This processing causes small variations in the sizes of diamonds with the same carat weight.

Two carat diamonds are some of the larger diamonds you can buy for fine jewelry. In general, a 2 carat round diamond has a diameter of about 8.1 millimeters. A princess cut diamond will have side lengths of around 7 millimeters.

A longer emerald diamond will have a length of 8 to 9 millimeters and width of around 6 to 7 millimeters. The exact length-to-width ratio can vary from diamond to diamond, but this gives a general size for rectangular shaped diamonds.

What Is the Difference Between Carat Weight and Size?

Carat weight is the standard unit of measure for diamonds, and each carat is equal to one-fifth of a gram. The size of a diamond is typically measured like you would measure the diameter or length of anything in inches or millimeters.

Carat weight is often confused with diamond size because in general, the larger the carat weight, the bigger the diamond. Two diamonds that have the same carat weight may not actually be the same size.

What's important is that you like how the diamond appears overall in your engagement ring or wedding ring.

How Much is a 2 Carat Diamond Ring?

You may not know what to expect when seeing so many different prices for the same size diamond. Two carat diamonds are pretty large compared to the size of diamonds most people buy for engagement rings so they'll cost more than you may be familiar with.

The typical 2 carat diamond's price will fall in the range of $10,000 - $50,000.

If you want a high quality diamond, then the price will be near the upper part of that range. The overall quality is determined by the clarity grade, cut quality, and color.

You want to look for a well cut diamond because the cut has the biggest effect on the shine and sparkle of the diamond. You can save money on color and clarity by choosing diamonds with minor flaws that aren't visible to the naked eye.

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

Natural diamonds that are mined will cost a lot when you shop for diamonds with a larger carat weight. This is because large diamonds are rare, so it is harder to find a jewelry-quality diamond that is also big.

You can choose lab grown diamonds as an alternative to mined diamonds because they save you money and are completely ethical.

A typical 2 carat lab diamond will cost you anywhere from $4,000 - $9,000 which means huge savings for you compared to mined diamonds.

Smaller diamonds like ones featured in a halo setting or three stone ring are very popular. If you want to add more diamonds to your ring, lab grown is the way to go!

How Does Shape Affect 2 Carat Diamond Prices?

Round cut diamonds are the most expensive diamonds compared to other shapes. So you're in luck if you want a fancy diamond shape!

There are some shapes that are generally less expensive due to the way they are cut and the fact that they waste less during the cutting process.

Elongated diamond shapes tend to be less expensive because less of the diamond is cut away when processing it. An oval cut diamond, emerald diamond, or radiant cut diamond will all be more affordable than a round cut diamond. They also have a lengthening effect and can make your fingers appear slimmer.

For fancy shape diamonds, you could see a price difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to a round brilliant diamond. This gap will increase the larger the diamond is.

What Color Metal Should I Choose?

Picking out the perfect metal for your engagement ring seems like another big choice you have to make. But we believe you can't go wrong with any of our responsibly sourced and recycled metals! Think about what kind of jewelry you see your partner wearing every day. You may already know if they are a gold or silver type of person.

While white gold and yellow gold are great options, there are other metals like rose gold and platinum that may catch your eye. A rose gold setting can make for the perfect ring for someone who loves romantic jewelry and showing off their feminine side.

Can I Customize a Diamond Ring?

You can create your dream ring in the comfort of your own home by browsing the amazing styles on Clean Origin. Start by choosing a setting or style of the band. Then pick out the perfect diamond to make the ring shine. A solitaire setting is great for showing off your large center stone.

Make sure you know her ring size before you add the ring to your cart. Clean Origin will process your order and ship it to you for free!

With Clean Origin, the entire process of designing a custom ring is seamless and you can have your beautifully designed ring in hand in no time. Shop for engagement and wedding rings now!

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