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Clean Origin vs Brilliant Earth
What’s the right decision for you?

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1:1 Diamond Comparison

All stones are VS1 Cut, G Color, and Very Good Clarity

1Ct. Lab Grown 1Ct. Mined 2Ct. Lab Grown 2Ct. Mined 3Ct. Lab Grown 3Ct. Mined
$4,900.00 $8,783.00 $6,050.00 $10,076.00 $12,100.00 $9,810.00
$5,900.00 $9,783.00 $7,050.00 $11,076.00 $13,100.00 $10,810.00

So, why is our pricing so amazing?

We have over 100+ years of diamond jewelry experience. We are jewelers, not MBA's. We believe we can make a difference by making less and sharing more.

The diamond jewelry industry is a global business with ethical and environmental impact around the world. The folks at Clean Origin believe that we, as consumers, have an obligation to consider this impact when purchasing any diamond jewelry.

By using 100% lab-grown diamonds in all of our product we ensure that your purchase is 100% conflict free giving you the choice to make a difference!

About Clean Origin

Founded by Alexander Weindling, third-generation diamantaire and former global managing director for Georg Jensen; Ryan Bonifacino, forber chief marketing officer and digital VP of Alex and Ani; and Terry Burman, who served as CEO for Signet Jewelers, Sterling Jewelers and chairman Zale Corporation. This group of diamond and jewelry veterans know a thing or two about the industry and saw a new-age of diamonds in lab grown. In fact, at Clean Origin, you won’t find any mined diamonds in any product. From the large center stones to the accent diamonds lining the band of a pave ring, each stone is 100% man made. Clean Origin is also 100% online and is able to offer extremely competitive pricing because of this reason.

About Brilliant Earth

Founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg who met at Stanford University. Gerstein received her MBA before working at a management consulting firm. She was searching for her own engagement ring when she decided she’d enter the diamond and jewelry industry. Grossberg worked in the venture capital world before partnering with Gerstein to open Brilliant Earth. Neither parties have a background in the diamond or jewelry industries. The company sells lab-grown diamonds, but they also offer mined stones. Brilliant Earth offers showrooms in various large cities across the United States. However, an appointment is required to browse the products.

Value Propositions

Which perks appeal to you more?

Returns Shipping Warranty Financing Resizing Communication
100 Days Both Ways Lifetime $10,076.00 Yes $9,810.00
30 Days Both Ways Yes $11,076.00 Within 60 days of purchase $10,810.00

Clean Origin diamonds are guaranteed conflict free, because our diamonds are created in a lab and are independently verified as lab-created diamonds so that we can certify that they are guaranteed to not fund conflict. "Ethically sourced" indicates that competitor follows the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which requires suppliers of mined diamonds to take steps to ensure the diamonds are not "conflict diamonds." The KPCS, however, is not guaranteed to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds.

Ultimate customer experience

When you are considering purchasing a diamond engagement ring you deserve the right to be comfortable and confident in your decision. The years of experience possessed by the management team of Clean Origin has convinced us that diamond jewelry is a "touch and feel" purchase. In an effort to respect this fact we offer the most generous, no-nonsense return policy in the business.

What people are saying

Couldn’t be happier.
Clean Origin offered a very simple yet thorough online shopping experience, which made it easy to find the right ring for my lady. Couldn’t be happier with the customer service and the ring itself. I would highly recommend Clean Origin for your engagement ring: solid website interface, good customer support, awesome ring designs, and a flawless diamond to top it off.
Danielle P.
The ring exceeds my expectations
The ring exceeds my expectations, the customer services has been phenomenal! Andrew was so kind and answered all my emails and questions. Doing a surprise rafting engagement in August and it is now complete because the ring is so spectacular!
Carrie O.
No-pressure and extremely helpful sales…
No-pressure and extremely helpful sales process. Ear rings arrived on time and looked stunning. Very happy with the stones and the overall experience. Highly recommended!
Suzette T.
Best online purchase!!!
I purchased the Milano bridal set in platinum. It is absolutely beautiful!! Exactly what I've been looking for. Customer service was amazing even when I decided to change the stone and resize. It was quick, safe amd painless. They didn't even have an attitude about me wanting to change the stone. Even the boxes were gorgeous!!!

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