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Discover the sophistication of our Bezel Jewelry, where each lab-grown diamond is meticulously framed to accentuate its fire and brilliance. This collection marries the allure of modern design with the timeless beauty of ethical stones, offering an elegant statement for those with a pulse on what's trending.

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What is Bezel Set?
A bezel setting in jewelry features a diamond or gemstone encased in a continuous metal rim, known as a bezel, which securely holds the stone in place. This design not only enhances the durability of the piece but also provides a sleek and modern aesthetic, perfect for both daily wear and special occasions.
Why is it called a bezel?
The term "bezel" refers to the rim or flange that is part of the structure of the item being secured. In jewelry, a bezel setting involves a custom-made metal rim that encircles the sides of a diamond or gemstone, securing it in place. Historically, the word bezel originated from the Old French word "besel", which is a diminutive of "bord" meaning "border". In the context of jewelry, this border is precisely crafted to hold the stone, giving the setting its unique name and secure, stylish characteristics.
What are the advantages of Bezel Set in Jewelry?
Bezel settings are exceptionally secure and durable, ideal for an active lifestyle. They protect the stone's edges better than most other settings and enhance the gemstone's appearance by covering imperfections and potentially making it appear larger. The minimalist design of the bezel setting offers a clean, contemporary look that complements any outfit.
Are there any disadvantages to bezel set lab-created diamond jewelry?

While bezel settings enhance durability and security, they can slightly reduce the brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamonds by limiting light entry. This setting is also more labor-intensive to create, reflecting a higher price point. Additionally, if repairs or adjustments are needed, the bezel setting can be more challenging to work with than other styles.

How should I care for my bezel set lab-grown diamond jewelry?
Maintain the sparkle of your bezel-set jewelry by cleaning it regularly with a mild soap solution and a soft toothbrush. To prevent potential damage, avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals and remove it during vigorous physical activities or while sleeping.
Can I wear my bezel set diamond jewelry every day?
Absolutely! Bezel set jewelry is designed for durability and daily wear. Its secure setting reduces the risk of losing a stone, making it an excellent choice for everyday jewelry. However, to extend the life of your pieces, it's advisable to remove them during intense physical activities or when sleeping.
How versatile are bezel set jewelry pieces for styling?
Bezel set jewelry, with its sleek and modern design, pairs beautifully with various fashion styles, from casual to formal. Its clean lines and smooth surface make it a versatile choice for any wardrobe.
What types of metals are commonly used in bezel settings?
Bezel settings can be crafted from a range of metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, allowing for a variety of looks that cater to different tastes and budgets.
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