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Blue Diamond

Rare diamonds like these do not come around often, but thanks to lab-growing, that doesn't have to reflect in the price! Blue diamonds earrings are finally affordable.

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Rare Diamonds, at Rarer Prices

We have paired classic, elegant shapes with fancy colored diamonds to create gorgeous diamond studs worthy of royalty! Find your perfect diamond stud earrings—made with precious metal settings and 100% lab-grown fancy colored diamonds. We have many styles to choose from and are happy to help you find something beautiful that you'll love. Choose between round, oval, and cushion-cut diamonds, each available in white gold or yellow gold settings.

Round Studs

Stunningly timeless, our fancy colored round blue diamond earrings feature classic 4-prong screw-back posts, that when they work correctly, will keep your blue diamond earrings safely on your ear. Also, they come in 14kt white and yellow gold.

Oval Studs

Elegant from every angle, our fancy-colored oval blue diamond earrings are a lovely find. These studs have 4 prongs and friction backings for stability and comfort, making them the perfect purchase. They are available in 14kt white gold and 14kt yellow gold.

Cushion Studs

Our fancy-colored cushion blue diamond studs are so beautiful. You will love them so much. You will never want to take them off! These reflective, unique studs can be mounted in either 14kt white gold or 14kt yellow gold. They also feature friction backings.