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How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Like New

An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, but like all good things, a little care and consideration can help keep its sparkle at all times. Here are a few Clean Origin approved tips to make sure it looks like new 24/7/365.

Don’t Get Grabby

Always pick up an engagement ring by the band and NEVER by the diamond. When you touch the ring, natural oils from your hands can build up around the stone’s setting, which is trickier to clean. It can also loosen the setting.

The Power Of Alcohol?

Make it a habit to have your ring cleaned regularly by a jeweler. If you don’t have time to bring it in, consider using a safe cleaning method at home, like rinsing it with warm water and dish detergent, scrubbing it gently with a toothbrush (without toothpaste), or even soaking it in vodka or gin.

We kid you not on the gin. Rumor has it that was Elizabeth Taylor’s go-to solution.

Avoid Impact Sports

Rings and diamonds don’t mix if there’s a bat, ball and leather glove involved. Yoga and spin are fine, but tennis, volleyball, softball, or even weightlifting can chip a ring, or knock the stones out of place if you aren’t careful.

Same With The Pool

Chemicals like chlorine can damage some of the metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Hide & Go Seek

If you (or your partner) plan on taking off an engagement ring with any frequency, consider an immobile safe, or an unusual but memorable hiding spot. Jewelry boxes may draw attention from unwanted visitors, but any arts and crafts store should have chic-looking boxes for just a few dollars.

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